Dear entrepreneur, very excited you are considering applying to AICA for pitching!

Below please find the general outline of our process pre and post every pitching session. Usually such sessions are held every March, July and October.

In case of further queries, we’d be delighted to hear from you! Please reach out to Anna Gevorgyan ( or send a general inquiry to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Pre-Pitch Event

6-8 weeks

Communication in social media and/or to start-ups directly on AICA’s forthcoming pitch-event.

3-4 weeks

Deadline for document submission by interested start-ups (pitch deck, business plan, executive summary and similar).

2 weeks

5-7, out of 15-20, firms are usually short-listed for pitching and notified accordingly.

1 week

30min demo pitch for the AICA’s Selection Committee is held. This is to put a final touch on the presentations and make the appearance most impactful.


10m presentation + 20m Q&A per group for locally present and web-link participating Angel Members. Coffee & refreshments served.  

Feedback on presented projects.

A dinner is served afterwards, for Entrepreneurs and Angels to exchange thoughts and further insights into projects in more cordial settings.

Post-Pitch Event

1 week

Communication on which Angel Members are interested in further exploring the respective start-up.

Exchange of contact details.

2-6 weeks

Organization of meetings per exploration group and company.

7 week -

Investment decisions made.

Further AICA events where the start-ups that have pitched may be invited to update on further progress and mile-stones hit.

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