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About Us

AICA is a non-profit organization designed to foster the development of entrepreneurial environment in Armenia . It is created to help start-ups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas find high-caliber business professionals who would invest and help steer companies in their endeavors of high impact and growth. AICA is 20 members strong and growing.

AICA brings together a very diverse group of CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals from Armenia, Russia, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and the USA. Its members represent various industries ranging from cutting edge sphere in Biotech, Digital Healthcare, IT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics to more traditional sectors of Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate Development, Renewable Energy, Banking, Fin-tech, Food & Beverage, Consumer Products, Logistics and Retail. AICA boasts 5 members from YPO and members from top business schools from Armenia, Europe, and USA, including 3 graduates of Harvard Business School. Members of AICA serve on Boards of Multinational Companies and run VC funds; They are Serial Entreprenuers with multiple successful companies under their belts and Top-Notch experts in Management, International and US Law, International Marketing, Sales and Distribution; They invest as Angels in companies with high growth potential and guide them through the exciting but challenging path to success; They open doors to New Markets and Clients and dedicate their Networks, Connections, and most importantly Knowledge, Experience, and Time to help companies Beat the Market Odds.

Executive Staff

Arthur Mikaelyan
Arthur Mikaelyan
Founder and President of AICA
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Samson Avetian
Samson Avetian
Cofounder and Vice President of AICA
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Anna Gevorgyan
Anna Gevorgyan
Cofounder and Coordinator of AICA
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Its better to start something and fail than not starting at all!


What you think about you should believe in it. What you believe you can achieve! So think big, achieve big!

  • "In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."

    Robert Arnott

  • "The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

    Mark Zuckerberg

  • Personal interest, the desire to give back, and the thrill of being involved with an innovative company are just a few of the reasons why people decide to become angel investors.


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